Vegetable Export

We are exporters of Vegetables, Fresh Vegetables,BitterGourd,Beans,Cabbage,Pumpkin, Onion, Big Onion,Tomato,Ladies Finger (Okra),SnakeGourd,Chilly,Garlic,Yam,Potato,Green chilli,Carrot, Chilli (dry red),Spinach,Colocasia etc..

Fruits Export

We are exporters of Fruits,Apple,Grape,Pine Apple,Mango,Papaya,Banana,Custard Apple Black Plum,Guava,Rose Apple,Orange etc..

Cargo Clearance

One of the major functions of Customs is the facilitation of cargo clearance and collection of revenue on import duties, VAT and Excise tax at our borders and port of entries such as the International airports, wharfs and post offices...

Door to Door Delivery

We pick the load from the customer's door step with all formalities completed for export.

Our Products